Improvisation is the art of being completely O.K. with not knowing what the fuck you’re doing.


The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

I’m going to create a metaphor for creative behavior using a scientific principle. I’m doing it because the comparison helps illustrate the behavior, and because I really like it. The concept is called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. I know, relax. Werner Heisenberg was a physicist in the 1920’s through 60’s.He noticed that when you observe a particle (stay with me…



IRC Podcast

Mick Napier, the Artistic Director of the Annoyance Theatre is my guest. We talk about nudging students to get better, breaking out of your habits, playing without making sense, presenting long form, improv auditions and Martin de Maat.


Improv Nerd

Jimmy sits down for a candid conversation with legendary improviser and director Mick Napier. Mick discusses his formation of the Annoyance Theater, his work with Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert, and how he came to deconstruct the rules of improvisation.



Fuck Trump

I am directing this show.

Simply put: It’s an evening of songs that help us to understand how horrible of a person Trump is.

It’s on Saturdays at 8:00 from January 14, 2017 until September 9, 2017,