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Look! Coffee is amazing, it really is. Every Smart Spark likes a good cup of coffee! It’s your best friend, for sure, that’s right, it is, coffee’s great, uh-huh fuck yeah good great! I couldn’t live without it, it’s a friend, It’s the only REAL addiction that is SO socially accepted, It’ Amazing!!

I can drink coffee anywhere, yes! I DO love coffee. Talk about getting the ideas flowing, hell yes!!
Now coffee can also be your WORST enemy. You have got to enjoy coffee (or tea? wrong! coffee!). You have got to enjoy coffee! but you have to learn how to drink coffee, for sure. Coffee can pep you up and really HELP your DAY!

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I am careful not to claim students that have transcended to fame. The reason for this is that I don’t believe that there is a causal relationship between my training program and the success of the individual. I think it is fine to state that this person or that person did study or perform at my theatre as a matter of interest and commercial appeal, but I am very very careful about the wording, for I will not suggest that my training or training program is the reason for their success. Because it isn’t. It is, in addition, not the reason for an individual’s lack of professional success. It is merely an influence in the journey along the way. Powerfully, and merely, an influence.

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13.  Assume competence. It’s easy to hide behind the ideology of a class or a team, but sooner or later you will have to courageously declare your own ability, and rid yourself of the excuse of learning and trying. 14. Keep track of time. I’ve seen people get in the same grind for years. With the advent of longer training programs, and…

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Here are some tips for an improviser in Chicago. Some things to think about or do or consider: (this was first posted in an Annoyance Newsletter in 2013) 1. It doesn’t matter which school of improvisation you go into first or at the same time or whatever. There are sound reasons for any order or any degree of simultaneity. 2.…