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7 thoughts on “How to Drink Coffee.”

  1. Ya know what I have learned in my twilight, golden years? That if I slow down and make sure the pot is properly balanced and pour slowly, I can successfully pour a cup of coffee without dribbling any of it. In the past, I always believed every coffeemaker was somehow poorly made — from the professional Bunn to the pricey Keurig to the cheap Hamilton Beach. I referred to all of them over the years as “dribble carafes”, as if they were all manufactured by Spencer Gifts and sold alongside fake poo. It turns out I was always in just a big hurry and rarely if ever experienced actual mindfulness as I poured the coffee. I owe a huge apology to not only myself for all the opportunities wasted, but to nearly everyone I ever served at TGI Fridays.

    I love you. Keep writing this. Xoxo

  2. I really do appreciate the advice and the Coffee Rules. I see that very often I don’t acknowledge I have a cup of coffee and am in fact drinking it. I would like to be more aware, and the Rules help with this. I have a feeling the Rules could apply to other things too, and that makes me want to read more of this book. I also laughed out loud several times during this chapter, especially at: “Hey, it will be o.k., it’s balancing,o.k., we’re moving, it’s cool, whoa, o.k., yep the floor, fuck! fuck!” Thank you.

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