Thinking and Creating

There are a hell of a lot of ways to describe the way our brain functions and then to put some labels on them. Here are some different thoughts on some thoughts about thoughts. First, here’s a description that a lot of us are now familiar with. Left Brain and Right Brain. Here is a quick review. You see there’s…

Tricking the Brain to Play Part One

It’s no small feat to innovate. To create. To get yourself into the mind-set of that kind of thinking, that kind of play. I think it is especially difficult for the average citizen, particularly in business or science or academics, to create, to play. ┬áMuch of the time these types are about importance and seriousness. To switch into that creative mode, that reckless disorder that is play, is not only extremely confronting, but downright hard.

You are Creative

Are you creative? Many people know they are, and many others don’t think they are at all.

If you are the latter, did you know that your story about how you are not creative is not true? You CAN be creative and you actually ARE creative, like it or not. It’s easy to say, “I’m not that creative, I…”.